Is Your Home Ready?

To get the best return on your home, you need to make your home look its best. Here is a checklist that will help you do it.

Floor Coverings

  • Dirt or stains
  • Excessive wear or damage
  • Area rugs clean and stain-free

Walls and ceilings

  • Dirt, fingerprints or other stains
  • Nail or thumb-crack holes, tape residue
  • Cracks, chips, water damage
  • Need for repainting or new wallpaper
  • Neutral, light colours for roomy, environment


  • Dirt, fingerprints or other stains
  • Need new paint
  • Open/close easily without squeaks
  • Latches/handles secure and working properly


  • Glass sparkling clean; chip and crack free
  • Open/close easily
  • Latches/handles/locks secure, working properly
  • Dirt and fingerprints on frames or sills
  • Screens clean and without holes
  • Storm windows in good condition
  • Dirt or stains
  • Excessive wear or sun damage
  • Open/close easily; hardware working properly


  • All bulbs working and proper wattage
  • Broken switches, exposed wiring
  • Table and floor lamps working properly

Pet areas

  • Clean, organized, odour-free

Entryways and hallways

  • Clean and free of clutter or obstructions?
  • Welcome mat(s) clean and inviting

Closets and storage areas

  • Clean and well organized
  • Clutter and excess junk removed
  • Clothes hung neatly and not jammed together
  • Shoes and boots neatly stored/stacked


  • Every surface sparkling clean
  • Counter-tops organized, all but daily use appliances
  • Refrigerator spotless inside and out
  • Organized? Spoiled food discarded
  • Frost removed? Light bulbs working? (Buyers look!)
  • Oven/stove-top clean? Burner trays cleaned
  • Sinks clean; faucets working properly and leak-free
  • Garbage disposal in good working condition
  • Cupboards/pantry spotless, organized
  • Dishwasher clean and stain-free?

Living room, dining room, bedrooms

  • Everything thoroughly vacuumed/dusted
  • Excess furniture removed for roomier atmosphere
  • Remaining furniture clean and in good repair
  • Wood and other surfaces clean and polished
  • Bookshelves neat, organized and clutter-free
  • Children’s’ games/toys stored neatly
  • Fragile items removed and stored
  • Smaller valuables removed/locked away
  • Window coverings open for views and sunlight
  • Mirrors clean and in good repair
  • Ashtrays cleaned and kept out of sight
  • Fireplace clean, logs/kindling stacked neatly

Bathrooms/powder room

  • Every surface sparkling clean
  • Counter-tops organized, free of clutter. Fresh soap
  • Sinks spotlessly clean; faucets working properly
  • Tub and shower surfaces clean
  • Towels stain-free and hanging neatly
  • Shower curtain clean and in good repair
  • Toilet extra-clean and working properly
  • Closets organized and clutter-free
  • Medicine cabinet clean, “personal items” removed

Basement, furnace room, garage, attic storeroom

  • Clean and well organized
  • Clutter and excess “junk” removed
  • Remaining items stored/stacked neatly
  • Everything thoroughly vacuumed/dusted


  • Exterior surfaces clean, in good condition
  • Front-door exterior clean, inviting
  • Eaves troughs and downspouts clean, in good repair
  • Gates open/close properly; hardware working
  • Fences/decks in good repair, in good condition
  • Sidewalks and walkways in good repair
  • Driveway clean, in good repair

Yard and environment

  • Driveways, sidewalks clear of snow, ice
  • Lawns mowed/edged regularly
  • Large bare spots repaired
  • Leaves removed from lawns and flower beds
  • Trees pruned, hedges trimmed
  • Flower beds weeded and tidy; dead plants replaced
  • “Junk” and scrap removed
  • Lawn furniture clean, organized, good repair
  • Bicycles, children’s’ toys stored neatly, out of way
  • Firewood organized and neatly stacked
  • Dog runs secure, yard free of doggy deposits

A RE/MAX LifeStyles REALTOR® will walk through your home and help you device what is most important to get your home sold!