Our Commitment to You

The RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty — Maple Ridge REALTOR® commitment

You’re trusting a REALTOR® with your most valuable possession, your home. REALTORs® take this responsibility very seriously. Here’s what we promise you:

  • Your RE/MAX® REALTOR® is highly trained. Training involves taking a challenging pre-registration course, including an examination testing knowledge of many subjects from contract law to housing construction.
  • Your RE/MAX® REALTOR® is continuously trained. All Licensed REALTORs® must take continuing education courses to make sure that they are up to date on subjects such as technology.
  • Your RE/MAX® REALTOR® does everything by the book. A licensed REALTOR® must be registered under provincial laws that govern real estate sales.
  • Your RE/MAX® REALTOR® is an ethical businessperson. REALTORs® must adhere to the extensive Code of Ethics of the Canadian Real Estate Association.
  • Your dealings with a RE/MAX® REALTOR® are insured. REALTORs® must maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance. Deposits consumers make in real estate transactions are usually also insured under these programs.
  • The Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia take any misconduct by a REALTOR®, seriously and work quickly to resolve any issues and deter any unethical behaviour.
  • Your RE/MAX® REALTOR® has access to the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service®. The MLS® system is a very powerful, internet-based tool that provides detailed and accurate information on listings to buyers, sellers and other REALTORs®