Preferred Suppliers

When you buy, sell or renovate a home, you need to surround yourself with a great team of professionals in a variety of industries, from construction to mortgages to lawyers. Here are some companies that would make a great part of your team:

Fuller Watson


“Fuller Watson BrandSource Home Furnishings offers a wide variety of Appliances, Furniture, Mattresses & Electronics. We have thousands of products to choose from, whether you are looking for kitchen appliances, laundry, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, area rugs, lamps, flat screen tv’s or mattresses.”

Urban Planters


“We’re passionate about delivering exceptional service and quality product. When you hire us, you’re hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver lasting value to your home.

We apply the most innovative and cutting edge designs in today’s urban gardening market. You can rely on our professional team to make recommendations that fit your taste and style but always give you the final word.”

A-Z Home Inspections


“Why coose A-Z Home Inspections? So you don’t get stuck with a bunch of unpleasant surprises after you move in!